Kids always tell the truth and that’s exactly what Crxxpy Kids do in their music. Driven by an urge to rock out loud and reckless, but never losing their countenance. Blistering drums meet amped-up guitars and a snarling bass all headed by rebellious yet melodic vocals that tell stories of sex, drugs and bloody rugs.

Formed in 2020, the quartet immediately started to develop a considerable catalog of catchy tunes and are since persistently working on their rise into punk rock Valhalla by delivering a diverse mix of modern and traditional sound and never forgetting to keep it straight forward and not to fuck around.

Yet an uncut diamond, soon to be a sparkling gemstone in the pop punk game.

In 2021 they recorded their first 6-Song EP mixed by Tom Zwanzger/Stressstudio and mastered by Martin Scheer.

Grab a beer, turn up the volume and blast some Crxxpy Kids to shake your bones and inject your heart with ferocity and fun.



Crxxpy Kids Band Photo